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November 8, 2018 Best Practices for Communicators in Highly Regulated Industries Conference New York City, New York
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November 8, 2018



November 9, 2018


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, New York City, New York

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Conference Organizer:

Ragan Communications, Inc.


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If you’re a communicator in a highly regulated industry, your efforts to get creative and take advantage of the latest trends are likely met with a lot of red tape.

The experts at this conference will show you how to craft communications that engage audiences without breaking the rules. Discover how to gain buy-in for your programs, produce more creative content, grab the attention of employees and reporters and build a strong presence online.

What you’ll learn:

Strategies to win support and create and deploy engaging social media programs
How to lift the veil on senior leaders and build an authentic online presence for them
Tactics to work more effectively with your legal team, especially during times of crisis
Why you should be using video to showcase compelling stories within your organization

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