Evaluation Methods

We evaluate and rank public relations firms using different evaluation methods in order to identify, benchmark, and compare various firms based on their key strengths and competitive advantages. We often find it important to inspect firms on different levels and to use multiple points of information in order to most effectively determine which firms to feature in our rankings.


Our initial analysis involves a look at the industry as a whole, the current and common trends within the industry, and how various firms are affecting the industry’s progression. This initial analysis involves taking a look at each firm to identify the overall size of the firm, the firm’s experience in different areas of public relations, and the types of industries they have the most experience in assisting. In addition, we often identify high profile clients which they may be assisting to better understand the value they bring to their clients.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process involves using various points or areas of evaluation which has been found to most influence the overall success of PR solutions. Five areas of evaluation are identified for each area of service in order to provide buyers with an index to compare how effective one vendor has been found to be in comparison to another. Client references and testimonials are used as a means to verify the information which has been collected and to ensure each firm has an extensive history involving satisfied clients within the PR services industry.

Awards & Recognition

The PR industry is renowned for the awards and the level of recognition which firms receive when they perform admirably for their clients. We pay attention to the latest news and the awards given out to various PR firms based on their involvement within the industry, the charitable work which they contribute, and their contribution towards bettering the industry as a whole. Much of this information is used to define which firms are true leaders and inspiration to the rest of the industry. We find it important to recommend vendors which are actively engaged in improving the industry in addition to their own solutions.

Warning Factors

On the opposite side we have found it important to ensure the firms which are featured in our rankings are legitimate PR firms which are not engaged in activities which may negatively affect their clients. There are also a number of warning factors which can indicate that a firm may be having a hard time retaining their size and presence within the industry. We are careful to recommend the firms which may stagnate over time or may be downsizing their operations due to struggles to retain their client accounts.

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