On Site Agency Verification

PR firms interested in potentially cementing their status as a leader or top contender within the public relations industry are invited to have our research team present at their place of business to further validate their capabilities and achievements. We offer our on site firm verification service as a means to enable PR firms the ability to prove their legitimacy by providing us with added transparency to prove the size of their business, the legitimacy of their physical presence, and to have targeted one on one discussions with individuals involved in creating creative and effective PR campaigns.

These on site firm visits are crafted as a means for exploration into the various processes and procedures which are responsible for the quality of service being provided. It is the perfect opportunity for a PR firm to showcase their talents, strengths, and competitive advantages to our research team in a way where there is a clear record of facts which cannot be doubted. Through a more direct approach PR firms are able to influence their performance during the evaluation process by being able to clear up any vague information the research team has obtained due to being unable to invest the same time validating all of the facts.

During these visits the research team takes the time to connect with employees and internal teams to better understand what they do for company and how their work affects the final result of each project. We also speak with the leaders and managers within the company to better understand the types of tools and strategies leveraged internally for project management, task tracking, and communications to better understand how modern technologies are integrated in their daily work schedules.

Those interested in having our research team internally for a more in-depth approach to analysis can fill out the contact us form to begin a dialogue on how an on-site firm visit can be of benefit to them.

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