Our Analysts

The analysts we work with a toppragencies.com are those which are entirely dedicated to the public relations industry. We connect with industry enthusiasts and professionals which are interested in ensuring the best vendors within the industry are being rewarded for their efforts. We have built our connections with those which have a vast pool of experience in public relations as a means to offer the best possible research and analysis on public relations services around the world.

In order to ensure the analysts we work with are truly dedicated to the industry we first start the relationship by better understanding their career in public relations. Their knowledge of the industry and of topics close to the growth and expansion of the industry is measured to determine whether they truly understand the industry as a whole. In addition, we take on their knowledge of particular areas of public relations which may be highly specialized or of a particular nature which is helpful to our evaluation process.

Each analyst in our team is truly passionate about public relations as a whole and passionate about ensuring the growth of the industry. Many of the analysts have previously worked with the leaders and key innovators within the industry and understand the intricacies which have led to the current status or climate. These analysts and enthusiasts remain dedicated to learning about the industry and better understanding the latest strategies in building a positive public perception in industries where technology and new media are becoming increasingly relevant.

At the end of the day we understand it is important to remain on top of the latest PR trends and strategies. Our industry analysts are absolutely dedicated to remaining on top of new developments and are motivated to help us ensure our rankings are comprised of the absolute best public relations firms around the world.

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