Our Testing Facility

The topPRagencies.com testing facility is a secured location where our research team and industry enthusiasts are able to safely and secure perform research and analysis on the various PR firms and trends covered in the scope of our rankings. We have created our testing facility due to the growing needs of our team to ensure constant access to resources and technologies which enable researchers to find the answers to the questions. In addition, our testing facility provides an environment which specifically caters to the needs and requirements of our researchers.


The safety and security of our research team and our analysts is one of the most important factors which have led to the creation of our testing facility. Our facility is properly secured through the use of biometric devices to ensure the entrance of the those which are qualified to enter the facility. The facility has been designed with environmental factors in mind to ensure that the research team will be safe to any environmental damages and the placement of the facility has been determined based on historical weather patterns over the past 50 years.


The infrastructure has been designed to ensure constant access to a high performance network across all secured devices. Our infrastructure is designed to provide the research team with access to web resources using a high speed and highly secured Internet connection in addition to access to various research resources and informational databases relevant to their research. The facility contains individual user access to internal resources, secure file storage, and productivity tracking and project management solutions to help users manage their time and leverage new technologies over the course of their research.


We also believe it is important for the research team to be comfortable with their environment. Our facility is outfitted with air conditioning and temperature control systems to ensure each partitioned environment is at the preferred temperature of each researcher. In addition, special accommodations are made for those with physical disabilities in addition to ensuring that team members have chairs and desks adjusted to their preferred heights. These factors are taken into consideration to provide the research team with a distraction-free environment enabling them to achieve long-term productivity.

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